Welkom op onze reviews-pagina! Hier vindt u waardevolle inzichten en feedback van klanten die een van onze KLAUX.EU klauwbekapboxen hebben aangeschaft. Ontdek wat onze bestaande klanten te zeggen hebben over de gebruiksvriendelijkheid, functionaliteiten en de indrukwekkende resultaten die ze hebben bereikt op gebied van Hoofcare. Lees verder om te zien hoe onze KLAUX.EU klauwbekapboxen het verschil maken in de praktijk en hoe het uw bedrijf kan helpen.

KLAUX.EU Rodium Master Hoof trimming Chute @ Dairyfarm Vermeiren-Ryvers VOF

Name: Koen van Kuijk (35) Country: Belgium Company: Vermeiren-Ryvers VOF KLAUX.EU-model present: Rodium Master Since: Autumn 2023 Amount of cows: 230

Quote Jef Ryvers – Owner

"We chose the KLAUX.EU Rodium Master hoof trimming box because of the hydraulics, the extensive functionalities and for the expertise, proactive approach of the KLAUX.EU team and the possibilities for customization. In contrast to my former boxes, the doors of the KLAUX.EU box can be opened completely inwards, there is no narrowing in the doorways and the cow cannot harm her hips. The cow can exit the box comfortably. This prevents injury and stress for the cows. A win-win situation for my team and my cows," says Jef Ryvers.

Comments Koen – Employee & hoof trimmer

“We are very pleased with the overall quality and durability of the box. The solid construction provides a safe and comfortable working environment at height,” adds Koen van Kuijk. The specific features of the box, such as the ability to work at height, contribute to the comfort for the user. "This was different before, but now it's a big step forward," says Koen. In collaboration with Rico & Joris from KLAUX.EU, adjustments were made to place hoof trimming supplies in an optimal way, which improved workability. Koen emphasizes: “Every hoof trimmer has his own preferences, so do we. According to our wishes, additional attachment points have been made to the box to place my glue gun, grinding wheel and blow dryer so that I can reach them more easily. This challenge has been solved through customization." The KLAUX.EU Rodium Master hoof trimming box proves to be very user-friendly in installation, operation and maintenance. "Easy to work, quick to clean and with the remote control I can quickly start and easily operate the box remotely," says Koen. Which contributes to faster and quieter cow changes. More relaxed, more comfort. Koen notes that efficiency and safety have improved. Now, the cow is standing in a firm and solid position, and stamping backwards with the hoofs/ legs is no longer possible. "A lot better in terms of safety!" Additional accessories, such as the heated equipment cabinet at the back, proved useful. "I keep my glue there, so that it can remain at a constant temperature," Koen adds. Koen once again emphasizes the general improvements in ease of work and comfort: "The cows walk into the box much more relaxed and without stress. Previously, our cows were already afraid when they saw the previous box, this fear has now completely disappeared. This is mainly a very great success!"

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