Klaux Hoofcare a new name with decades of experience!

We at Klaux.eu are at home in Hoofcare. After several years of working together, we, Joris Bos and Rico Jansen, each based on our own expertise, have chosen to take a new path and bundle our passion. Hoof care and more welfare for dairy cows is our motivation, with a well-known quote "the claws carry the milk" we also want to contribute more to better animal welfare by developing and building hoof trimming stalls with that bit of extra comfort, ease of work and fun for animal and handler. . And that 'our' cows get their claws cared for better and more often.

At Klaux.eu we bring construction, electrical engineering and hydraulic technology together. Klaux hoof trimming boxes are already very complete as standard: the right dimensions for the modern cow, well-lit working environment, handy material/tool ​​holder, 24 volt (low current) controlled for extra safety, special pore-free floor, etc.

We develop and produce all our hoof trimming and grooming boxes 100% in the Netherlands. Klaux hoof trimming boxes have been developed and produced according to the highest standards in terms of safety, working comfort and hygiene, with animal friendliness always being paramount.

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