Why buy a hoof trimming box?

Why hoof care and why buy a hoof trimming box


Good legs and strong claws are the basis for the proper functioning of cows. Lameness in cows has a negative effect on feed intake, milk yield, fertility, longevity and welfare of the cows. This creates a lot of extra work and frustration for the farmer. Only with a consistent and structured approach can you get a grip on claws on the dairy farm.

Claw disorders can be divided into infectious and non-infectious disorders. If you know which claw condition you are dealing with, you can tackle it in a more targeted way. Infectious diseases always involve problems with the skin (which becomes infected with bacteria) and not so much with the claw itself. A lowered resistance, the diet and an increased infection pressure mainly play a role in this. In the case of non-infectious claw disorders, matters such as the ration, the load (standing, turning), housing and quality of the claws play a role. You can always consult the website of gddier health.nl/claw.

(source: gddier health)

If you have any questions about hoof health, you can always contact us.


Why buy a Klaux trimming box?
A hoof trimming box ensures easy trimming of cows and optimal animal health on every dairy farm. By investing once in the purchase of a hoof care box or treatment box for cattle, it is easier to improve hoof health. Healthy claws are necessary to prevent annoying claw diseases.

In addition, operating costs can be reduced by using a hoof trimming box. A hoof groomer will come by more quickly to treat a few cows if the farmer has his own hoof trimming box. Trimming in a modern trimming box is easier, which makes it possible to have these jobs performed more often or to do them yourself. With our extensive range of hoof trimming boxes we offer a wide choice to the professional practitioner.

Klaux.eu has various hoof trimming boxes in its range. All boxes are efficient and robust machines that combine safety with ease of use and efficiency.

Electric Hoof Trimming Box

The range of electric hoof care boxes such as the Basis and the Platinum are ergonomic for humans and cows and combine safety and ease of work. The Basic and Platinum hoof care boxes are standard equipped with a catch door so that the cow secures itself when she walks into the hoof care box. They have a high inner size, which makes it easier for the cow to enter the box and does not damage her back. They are equipped with a double hind leg brace, so that the cow cannot kick back with her hind leg and the handler is better protected. Of course they are equipped with the necessary central emergency stop controls, which also switch off the tools that are plugged into the machine, such as a grinding wheel or hot air gun.

Our Hydraulic cladding boxes

The Platinum Hydro is an electric hoof trimming box with hydraulically operated tailgate with double bracket. For ultimate ease of work and safety. The fully hydraulically controlled Titanium, Chrome and Rhodium hoof trimming stalls are ideal for larger dairy farms, veterinarians and hoof caretakers. Each model has specific properties, so you can choose a hoof care box that best suits you or your company. The hydraulic motor ensures pleasant, easy and fast operation of the parts to be operated in the trimming box, in contrast to an electrically driven motor. These boxes are equipped with lighting, tool holders, lift (to be able to work in an ergonomic position), fences, remote control (optional), etc.

Hoof trimming box for sale at Klaux.eu

With our extensive range of hoof trimming boxes, we offer a wide choice to the professional hoof trimmer and practitioner. In the unlikely event that you cannot find the right hoof trimming box or are you still looking for advice or customization, please feel free to inform us without obligation. We would like to help you make the right choice.

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