Training and workshops

You can also contact if you are looking for training and education in hoof health. We advise and train livestock farmers, hoof caretakers, veterinarians and animal health professionals. We offer various workshops from 1 to multi-day programs. Most workshops take place at our location in Born, in the province of Limburg, the Netherlands, but can also be held on location in consultation. We can also join the activities of other events on request.

In addition to general hoof care, we also focus on structural solutions that suit the participant. Our educational focus is not only problem-solving learning but also prevention. Furthermore, other related topics are addressed to ensure the success of the participant's objectives. The programs provide training in science-backed educational theory, along with practical applications relevant to hoof trimmers, farriers, veterinarians, educators, managers and industry practitioners. The training programs are of high quality.

We work with a wide variety of specialists such as veterinarians, hoof care specialists, professionals from universities of applied sciences, universities and the business community. We also like to link up with knowledge issues and research from industry and the university faculties on the subject of hoof health.

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